Can I Watch NFL Games Online For Free in Canada?

All 2013 NFL Playoff games including the 2013 Super Bowl can be watched online for free in Canada. For the first time ever Bell Media (TSN, CTV) will be offering live streaming of all NFL Playoff games online. All live streams are available in Canada only. Full details here:

Super Bowl Streaming Canada

A question we get asked over and over again is where can I watch NFL games online for free? There is a simple answer. No, there is no legal live streaming of NFL games in Canada or the U.S. that is free. There are many Canadian TV networks that air NFL games such as TSN, Sportsnet, and now City TV but none of these networks stream NFL games online. The only way to legally watch NFL games online is to buy a subscription of NFL Game Pass. Surely, you must be able to at least listen to NFL games online for free right? Yes you can but only via a radio feed (such as TSN Radio). You cannot listen to NFL games online for free over the internet though. To do so you must purchase a subscription of NFL Audio Pass. And now you know why the NFL is often referred to as the No Fun League.

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Is there live streaming of NFL games online for free?

Unfortunately there is no free legal live streaming of any NFL games in Canada. TSN and Sportsnet show many NFL games on TV but they do not stream any of the games online. For a fee you can stream all NFL games online via NFL Game Pass.

Can I listen to NFL games online for free?

Yes, but only on your radio (not over the internet). TSN Radio airs live NFL games. To listen to NFL games live over the internet you can purchase a subscription from NFL Audio Pass.

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