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The Mistress is a new Canadian reality TV series that premieres Wednesday, August 29, 2012 on Slice in Canada. Each episode profiles a woman caught in a relationship with a married man. The most interesting part of the show may very well be the host of it. The show is hosted by Sarah J Symonds. Sarah is the author of “Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman” but is more famous for being the mistress (allegedly) of Chef Gordon Ramsay. In fact she was once known for being a mistress to several men over the years but she no longer believes in that lifestyle and now has dedicated herself in helping other women get out of these types of relationships. This is what she attempts to do in the new reality series “The Mistress”. This series has even been creating buzz south of the border as it was profiled on ABC News. Here is the ABC News Video Profiling “The Mistress”.

New episodes of The Mistress air Wednesday nights on Slice starting August 29, 2012. As well, full episodes of The Mistress will be available online to watch on-demand after airing on TV. See below for complete details on where you can watch episodes of The Mistress online for free in Canada.

When does the new TV series The Mistress start?

The new reality TV series “The Mistress” premieres August 29, 2012 on Slice in Canada.

Where can I watch The Mistress online?

You can stream full episodes of The Mistress online for free in Canada from here:

(Select “The Mistress” from the list of shows. No live streaming. Episodes are available after airing on TV.)

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