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Hockey Night In Canada (HNIC) refers to CBC’s live broadcast of NHL games. Hockey Night in Canada airs every Saturday night and features two NHL games one after the other. Most weeks there are usually two or three games broadcast in the first time slot and the game you see is determined by your region. Every HNIC game usually features at least one Canadian team. Puck drop for the first game is just after 7:00 PM ET. Puck drop for the second HNIC broadcast is just after 10:00 PM ET. There is also a pre HNIC show called Hockey Tonight as well as a wrap up show following the second game called HNIC After Hours. HNIC always features two games on Saturday night but they also have additional broadcasts as well for special occasions. Every once in awhile there will be a HNIC game on Saturday or Sunday afternoon or even throughout the week. Every HNIC game is streamed live online by CBC. They also make available past games that you can watch on-demand from their website (details below). If you ever want to watch a game that is not being shown on TV in your region you can simply go to CBC’s website and watch it there. Below you can find details on where you can watch Hockey Night in Canada Online and on TV. Here is the HNIC Schedule For 2013.

Where can I watch Hockey Night In Canada?

Hockey Night In Canada airs every Saturday night during the NHL season. The first game starts at 7:00 PM ET and the second game starts at 10:00 PM ET. There are also pre and post game shows as well.

Where can I watch a live stream of Hockey Night In Canada online?

You can watch a live stream of every HNIC game online for free from the CBC sports website. Full details and schedule here:

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