Watch Grey’s Anatomy Online in Canada | Season 9 Premieres Sep 27, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama TV series that airs on ABC and CTV in Canada. Grey’s Anatomy premiered in 2005 and is currently in its 9th season. Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres Sep 27, 2012. There were rumors that seson 8 would be the last season for Grey’s Anatomy but that is not the case. Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rimes has said that Grey’s Anatomy will be back for a ninth season. However, Grey’s Anatomy start Patrick Dempsey has previously said that this would be his last season. He has never fully committed to this statement and his future on the show is still in limbo. Of course the ratings are going to have to be good for Grey’s Anatomy for it to come back for another season. Another popular medical drama “House” saw its ratings slip this season and FOX has announced that House has been cancelled and will be over when the current season finishes up. Be sure to enjoy this season of Grey’s Anatomy as there is still a small chance it may be its last.

In Canada new episodes from season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy can be seen Thursday nights on ABC and CTV. Plus, full episodes from season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy can be watched online for free in Canada from the CTV website. New episodes are typically posted online the day after airing on TV (which would be Fridays). Episodes from previous seasons (1-8) of Grey’s Anatomy can be purchased online at iTunes Canada here: Grey's Anatomy, Season 8 - Grey's Anatomy. Below you can find complete details on where you can watch new episodes from season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy online for free in Canada.

When does the new season of Grey’s Anatomy start?

Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres Sep 27, 2012 on ABC and CTV.

Where can I watch Grey’s Anatomy online in Canada?

You can stream full episodes of Grey’s Anatomy online for free in Canada from here:

(Select “Grey’s Anatomy” from the list of shows. No live streaming. Episodes are posted online after airing on TV.)

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