Watch Tosh. O Online in Canada

Tosh. O (pronounced Tosh point O) is a comedy TV series hosted by Daniel Tosh¬†that airs on The Comedy Network in Canada. Tosh. O¬†debuted in June of 2009. Season 4 of Tosh. O premieres Tuesday January 31, 2012 on The Comedy Network. Daniel Tosh was born in Germany but grew up in Florida. After university he got into stand up comedy and he has never looked back. The show features Daniel Tosh describing (in only a way he can) humorous or interesting videos that can be found online. The show also features original sketches and has a segment called “Web Redemption”. In this segment Tosh invites in the individual(s) of a video (usually an embarrassing one) and gets them to explain their actions. Below you can find information on where you can watch Tosh. O online and on TV.

Where Can I Watch Tosh. O?

Season 4 of Tosh. O premieres January 31, 2012 on The Comedy Network. New episodes of Tosh. O can be seen Tuesday nights on comedy at 10:00 PM ET.

Where Can I Watch Tosh. O Online?

You can watch full episodes of Tosh. O online for free here:

(Select “Tosh. O” from the list of shows to watch)

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