Watch Castle Online in Canada | Season 5 Premieres Sep 24, 2012

 Castle is a drama TV series that airs on ABC and CTV in Canada. Castle premiered in 2009 and is currently in season 5. The show’s main character is Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion). Castle is a best-selling mystery novelist who loses interest in the main character of his novels and decides to kill him off. As a result Castle is having difficulty coming up with new ideas for new novels. That is until he meets Detective Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic). Castle meets Detective Beckett when he is brought in for questioning surrounding a copy-cat murder similar to one of the murders in his novel. Castle works with Beckett on the copy-cat case and future cases and decides to base his new character for his novel on Kate. Are sparks starting to fly between Castle and Beckett? Update: Season 5 of Castle premieres September 24, 2012.

In Canada new episodes from season 5 of Castle air Monday nights on ABC and CTV. Plus, full episodes from the new season of Castle can be streamed online on-demand from the CTV website. Episodes are typically available online the following day (Tuesdays). Episodes from previous seasons (1-4) of Castle can be purchased online at iTunes Canada here: Castle, Season 4 - Castle. See below for details on where you can watch Castle online and on TV.

Where Can I Watch Castle?

Castle currently airs Monday nights on ABC and CTV in Canada. Check your local TV listings for exact starting times in your area.

Where Can I Watch Castle Online in Canada?

You can stream full episodes from season 5 of Castle online for free here:

(Select “Castle” from the list of shows to watch. No live streaming. Episodes are available after airing on TV.)

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