Watch Bones Online For Free In Canada | Season 8 Premieres Sep 17, 2012

Bones is a crime drama television series that airs on the FOX Network (and on Global in Canada). The series revolves around solving cases by examining the human remains of murder victims. The two main characters in Bones are Temperance “Bones” Brennan (played by Emily Deschanel) who plays a forensic anthropologist and Seeley Booth (played by David Boreanaz) who plays a FBI Special Agent. Season 7 of Bones is set to debut Thursday, November 3, 2011 on FOX and Global. In the season 6 finale of Bones we learned that Brennan is carrying Booth’s child. In the Season 7 Premiere of Bones “The Memories In The Shallow Grave” the team investigates the death of a woman with a history of amnesia. Update: Season 8 of Bones premieres September 17, 2012 on FOX and Global TV in Canada.

When does the new season of Bones start?

Season 8 of Bones premieres Monday, September 17, 2012 on Global and Fox in Canada.

Where Can I Watch Bones Online In Canada?

You can stream full episodes of Bones Online in Canada from here:

(Select “Bones” from the list of shows to watch. No Live streaming. Episodes are available online after airing on TV.)

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