Can I Watch Hart Of Dixie Online in Canada?

Hart Of Dixie is a new drama TV series which premiered on September 26, 2011. Season 2 of Hart of Dixie premieres Oxtober 2, 2012. The main star of Hart of Dixie is former “The O.C.” star Rachel Bilson who plays Zoe Hart on the show. Zoe is a doctor from New York who is forced to take a job in Alabama in order to further her medical aspirations. Hart Of Dixie is a fish out of water story as the New York based Zoe tries to deal with life in the small Gulf Coast town of Bluebell, Alabama. Other Hart Of Dixie cast members include Jaime King as Lemon Breeland, Cress Williams as Lavon Hayes, Wilson Bethel as Wade Kinsella, and Scott Porter as George Tucker. Hart of Dixie has already been picked up for a full season by the CW network.

Where Can I Watch Hart of Dixie In Canada?

Most Canadians can watch Hart of Dixie on CHCH on Mondays at 8 PM ET. Hart Of Dixie also airs in Canada on WGN, WPIX, and KTLA (although not everyone has these American networks with their cable package).

Where Can I Watch Hart of Dixie Online For Free In Canada?

On the CW website they show full episodes of Hart of Dixie but they are only available to U.S. residents. There are no free episodes of Hart of Dixie online in Canada.

With a VPN you can get a U.S. IP Address from anywhere in the world.

Hart of Dixie episodes can also be purchased online in Canada from iTunes Canada here:

Hart of Dixie, Season 2 – Hart of Dixie

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